Molly Pinto Madigan and more

Last but by no means least in the batch of new releases feature Molly Pinto Madigan and more: Slow Decades, Benjamin Mason and James Daniel Best. Hoping you will find some music to accompany you through summer and beyond.

Molly Pinto Madigan and more

Molly Pinto Madigan

Molly Pinto Madigan is not just one of the loveliest people you could meet – of course, featuring on this blog, she is also an artist. Singer and songwriter par excellence, Molly possesses a captivating voice that on one hand might occur typically American to you but on the other retains its naturalness fully. Eagerly awaiting more of her longing songs, here they: Molly Pinto Madigan released her new album “The Cup Overflows”, twelve songs of sheer fragile beauty. Read about her earlier release “Wildwood Bride” here.



Molly Pinto Madigan and more

Slow Decades

Gary Cameron, John Egdell, Paul Gardner, James Grey and Ben Lowes-Smith are Slow Decades and located in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and from there they send us well-crafted. well-rehearsed songs that will receive as much warmth and feeling as they exude. Here is a band that lives their music and you should give their new album “Hinterlands” a listen or many more as these songs contain much to discover both musically and lyrically.

Molly Pinto Madigan and more

James Daniel Best

There was a time when I remember that James Daniel Best was maybe a bit fed up with the music industry and who wouldn’t understand it. Luckily for us he cannot do without music and has just now released a new EP called “Alchemy”, a rounded, polished work of pensive, hooky songs that you can get here:   I highly recommend the title track!

Molly Pinto Madigan and more

Benjamin Mason

Benjamin Mason from Pembrokeshire in Wales and works and lives or lives and works as a singer/songwriter. Not only can you indulge in his songs here. Also there will be a sampler out in just three days from now (some tracks you can find already on Benjamin’s Soundcloud page) which is called rather self-explanatory:

“I Asked My Friends To Cover My Songs And This Is What They Came Up With”

Thirteen tracks where Benjamin’s friends take highly-differing approaches to his songs and each of them is highly interesting. Moreover, the main aim of this sampler is to raise money for the Thorne Mason Trust, a charity helping brain tumour sufferers in Pembrokeshire. A wonderful idea and if supporting it you will receive a lovely album full of Benjamin’s songs interpreted by the following artists:

Pulco, Ryu, Undersound, Easy Buffalo, Todd Tuttle and Douglas Seidel, Yewdrops, Quiet Noise, Derren Heath, Jonski, Ian Thistlethwaite, Matthew Frederick and Jodie Marie. Most of these musicians are based in Wales except for Ryu who is from Japan & Todd Tuttle and Douglas Seidel who are based in the US

The unique artwork for the album btw was created by Richard Blacklaw-Jones who uses found objects on Pembrokeshire beaches to make his pieces.

Note: This is just one example of the widely differing in style tracks:

Laucan and more

Summertime = no releases time? Ha, not really. Of course I will let you participate generously in the wealth of music to pick from and hope you will find something you will like or even love. First up:


It was only in March that London musician Laucan (Laurence Alpin) released his first EP “Up Tomorrow”. Hey presto, here is his first album via Sunday Best: “Frames Per Second”. A dreamy, magical album with loads to discover (the strings sections are just beautiful). A debut album that will certainly in my collection last me a lifetime. Musically, Laucan is supported by Andrew Phillips – lyrically it is partly about the control of our own thoughts, releasing our outlooks from the prison we created for them.

Kerosene Stars

From there to something a bit more upbeat: Kerosene Stars from Chicago are Scott Schaafsma, Andy Seagram, Todd Honeyville, Jim Adair and Tom Sorich.  They are not afraid to play a catchy melody and they do it oh so well! Their latest releases are the EPs “Burn The Evidence” and “a million little trees” and out just now “The Lost EP”. Timeless, well-made gems!

Laucan and more

James Elkington

Staying in Chicago, for years now the home of James Elkington. You could not have missed James Elkington playing somewhere, surely? And you could not have missed his solo release? Just in case. Let me keep it short (a difficult feat in the case of information about Jim Elk). Steve Gunn calls him the best guitar player around and an incredibly humble person. Who would argue with Steve? Anyhow, that combination of skill and humbleness might just explain why James Elkington has only now released his first solo album after years of supporting other artists and bands (the list is endless: Jeff Tweedy, Richard Thompson, Steve Gunn, Brokeback, Eleventh Dream Day, Joan Shelley, Tara Jane O’Neil, Michael Chapman…). Initially he was frontman of a band called The Zincs but felt no need to be at the front or on the songwriting side for a long time. Thankfully he changed his mind and here we have his technically (he also plays drums, bass, piano…) wonderful and atmospherically wondrous album “Wintres Woma” (Paradise Of Bachelors)



Laucan and more
James Elkington by Timothy Harris

Moon Goose

Cherryshoes from Hay on Wye have us enthralled with their music. Wonderful news so that Cherryshoes now have a sister project: Moon Goose. Wait for it, I cannot keep their own description from you: “Moon goose has crawled out of the primal swamp and taken a good look around. The resulting bird has flapped madly around a barn with a load of guitars strapped to one wing and a synthesizer on the other, while it flies repeatedly into some drums. Made out of bits of comet and whalebone, the music that people are already calling ‘epic’ and ‘unlistenable’ throws a jagged beam of light in the growing darkness, to reveal some people using a barn as a giant amplifier. Duchamp put a toilet in an art gallery. Moon goose put music in a bag and shook it around until it was in bits, poured the bits out, and set fire to them. It’s the sound of a dragon colliding with an asteroid. If you enjoy things like gneiss, rare cheese, and strange ideas followed through to an illogical conclusion, you’ll love Moon goose.”

Laucan and more

There you have it – and you know what? That description fits and the music is absolutely hypnotising! Their debut EP Space Probe Shut Down is on its way. Here’s the first single: The mysterious coffins of Arthur’s Seat.

Prana Crafter

I leave you today with intriguing music from the Washington woods: Prana Crafter. His latest album “MindStreamBlessing” is the musical impersonation of the title. For my favourite track from it – Agatha’s gate – there is now a video available. Indulge here:

Together Pangea and more

I will not leave you without music for the remainder of the summer – of course not. Here is part one of some posts about new releases. Featured here are Together Pangea, Katalina Kicks, Andrew Taylor and The Black Watch!

Together Pangea

Together Pangea hail from Los Angeles and will release their album “Bulls And Roosters” on August 25th (Nettwerk). The first single “Better Find Out” is already available. Riffs and surf sound – yay. William Keegan, front man of Together Pangea wrote the lyrics in the studio about the downsides of touring and feeling lost on the return home. Also, though, it is a song about urging the audience not to search for answers from entertainers. Ouch, I should hope, William means that modestly about himself. Where will we search if not in music? (And art generally).

Together Pangea and more

Have a wee listen and look here: “Better Find Out” – Together Pangea

Katalina Kicks

Katalina Kicks are based in London but come from South England, North England and, yep, Brazil.  Ian George has been there from the start and waited patiently for the right line-up which presently consists of Jase Wilkinson (drums) and Nadia Silverstone (bass). Katalina Kicks do garage rock garnished with lyrics that are not strictly political but mirror their views on the current state of the world.

Their album “Vices” has been released in May – double A-side single “Cold/I Want The World” is out today.

Together Pangea and more
Katalina Kicks by Andrew Cotterill

As a little taster: “Killer” is taken from Katalina Kicks new album “Vices”

The Black Watch

Out on Eskimo Record Label last week was The Black Watch‘ “The Gospel According To John” which I absolutely love for its musical references to brilliant 80s music by the likes of Robyn Hitchcock, The Church, Echo & the Funnymen and The Wedding Present to name but a few. You have not heard of a band that has been around for thirty years? Don’t fret! Their 15th album is full of shimmering guitars and the most wonderful lyrics. No wonder – after all, main man John Andrew Fredrick is a university lecturer for English, a writer and a painter.

Together Pangea and more

Andrew Taylor

The wonderful Dropkick from the Scottish East Coast who have been diligently releasing albums and performing live since 2001 with sparkling Americana, indie, jangly music, are well worth a listen to anyway. Now their songwriter, frontman and producer, Andrew Taylor, released his first solo album on Rock Indiana Records. It is called “From The Outside Looking In”. Ten songs full of musical and lyrical goodness are awaiting you. Like this one:

Dedicated to the music – new labels

A couple of shortish notes coming up on music you might want to spice up the summer lull with or for any other time of course, too. This first post is on a couple of new labels – or let’s say, labels that you might not have come across yet.

Happy Robots Records

Rodney Cromwell is the owner of Happy Robots Records. There he releases his own music but also has on offer the beautiful “Marsangst” EP by Hologram Teen (Morgan Lhote – Stereolab), from Colorado Pattern Language with their new release “Total Squaresville” and out on August 25th, ready for pre-order: Dublin’s and Belfast’s Tiny Magnetic Pets‘ “Deluxe – Debris”.

Dedicated to the music - new labels

Paula Gilmer, Seán Quinn and Eugene Somers don’t do typical Irish music, whatever that might be but is usually perceived as singer-songwriter and indie rock. No, indeed they indulge in Krautrock, Bowie, Disco and Synthpop. They even collaborated with Wolfgang Flür (Ex-Kraftwerk) on their new album and opened for Wolfgang Flür, for Michael Rother etc. Their fans include Rusty Egan and OMD’s Andy McCluskey. There you have it. Comes highly recommended.

The Beautiful Music

The Beautiful Music is the passion of Wally Salem in Ottawa, Canada. He not only indulges in it for this own personal pleasure but supports via his label – The Beautiful Music. Just now he has released the fourth tribute to Television Personalities – a beauty. Two of the artists on his label I would like to introduce here:

Armstrong from Wales is mainly Julian Pitt whose songs shine with the intricate, warm and melancholic sound that have made for instance Aztec Camera and The Pale Fountains such treasures. (Just the mention of these two bands already sets me off in a big way). Have a listen to this year’s “Songs About The Weather”!

Also on The Beautiful Music are Skytone. The brothers Darius and Rodney Doddridge from Ottawa who give you…well, you cannot define it, it is their individual gorgeous blend of jangly indie music with harmonies, funky vibes and a lot more.

Cae Gwyn Records

Wales has it all for the shaping of a abundant music scene: A strong musical heritage, industrial decline and beautiful landscapes…and more. Cae Gwyn Records, right in the middle of stunning Snowdonia, features many Welsh artists and enjoys brilliant support by British radio – totally deserved. I will pick out two artists for you today from their roster:

Omaloma – psychedelic sounds in Welsh language. Aros o gwmpas (= waiting around) is the their new single. George Amor, Llyr Pari and Leusa Rhys – check them out here:

Gethin Davies, Dav Williams, Alex Morrison, Sam Thomas and George Amor form the live band for Lastigband who have recently released the psychy Torpido EP…enjoy listening:

Hoping you enjoyed these introductions and will give your cherished support to the labels and of course the artists!