The Soap Girls are releasing a new album called “Calls For Rebellion” and from what I have heard of it, they take no prisoners. Fast, furious, raw and fresh Mie and Millie offer you a mix of alternative, rock, punk, post grunge with a touch of pop.

Keep your eyes peeled for this album as well as the announcements for their (here comes more good news) European tour! You will have plenty of opportunities to see them all through autumn.

Originally from Paris, France, The Soap Girls now reside in Africa (indeed!) and wish to create their own brand of music (check!), expressing their feelings through their lyrics (check!) and their grit determination to succeed through their musical diversifications (I think they will!).

Their’s is a story of many surprises and superlatives: They started out as street performers when they were only nine to ten years old. At 15 they were signed to international labels for their debut album “Xperience” which was way poppier than their current music but gave them a couple of Top 5 hits which then led to touring and media exposure in South Africa.

After a short stint in New York for the recording and releasing of two singles, they returned to South Africa to complete forming their musical identity.

Take it away girls! Here comes a video for “Hater” from midway of their journey (careful, a bit risqué that). The songs of their new album are in their words even more ruthless!