JD Allan is a musician from Glasgow and exemplifies the music scene in Glasgow. Hard-working, classic rock and blues roots and no bling!

JD Allan might be remembered for being in Glaswegian band The Blimp together with his brother from 1998 onwards. The brothers had been making music together since the beginning of that decade.

Flustered by quite a few line-up changes in the beginning and onwards a lot of bans of their released material due to the use of swear words, alleged reference to drug use and then (sic!) too long songs, they carried on.

Three albums later in 2007, they broke up. But musicians will always be that and JD Allan is back with his new release “Fall” (Fast Static Records). You can also see a very nice video for “Fall” on YouTube.

JD Allan is working on a new album and  “Fall” is the second release after the lyric less “Wolf”. “Fall” returns to hooky and melodious rock with all the classic elements plus a rawness not unreminiscent of Dinosaur Jr. and the likes.

Recorded and co-produced by Bal Cooke (V-Twin, The Pastels, Lightships) at La Chunky Studios in Glasgow and mastered by U.E. Nastasi (AC/DC, Panic! At The Disco, The National) at Sterling Sound in New York, the track also features Cosmic Rough Riders rhythm section Mark Brown and James Clifford on drums, bass and backing harmonies.

Listen to it here and enjoy and don’t forget to watch the video for JD Allan’s “Fall” on YouTube.