Having a first name that is popular in music, can be a curse or a blessing. I regard it as a blessing even if the “Alices” seem to be either very confused or mildly threatening or straight out frightening or frightened. I am usually none of these but yet I welcome dearly another “Alice” song, i.e. I welcome another great band: The Echo And The Sound.

The Echo And The Sound are just a two-piece, guitar and drums – Brian Rich and Douglas Jewell. They are located in Los Angeles, California, even though they could not come from further afield if they tried, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania that is.

Since their beginning in 2012, they have already released three EPs, their debut EP, then “Its Execution” and their latest “Buffalo Mouth”. Find them on Facebook here.

What can you expect to hear? Why can you not just trust me and dive in? Have I not always been good to you bla bla bla…:-) Okay, okay, the music ROCKS, it really ROCKS, and it is DARK and it is COMPELLING, and it smells of THE ROAD and it ROCKS, ROCKS, ROCKS…

In their own words: “Punk rock overtones, blues-folk undertones, country-esque and gothic cantina styled.
Sounds like, “if Bob Dylan and Sam Shepard got into a fist fight while drinking in a desert cantina””.

Here, give it a shot:

Have a good Sunday evening!