Do Valise take their name from the French for “suitcase”? Search me, I dunno. I could pack one or two of those though on a dreary, cold, rainy Monday and travel to the US to see that band play. Guys, any chance, you will grace our shores in Europe?

Enlighten us, you beg? Certainly.

Vince Penick, Jared Travis, Casey Newton, Ricky Johnson hail from Dallas, Texas. They met in school and quickly ditched their studies to make music. They are on tour and their live shows – so I hear – are something not to be missed.

Even though you can find Valise on every social medium of your choice, there is very little information, however hard you try. So truly Rock’n’Roll, the most important thing about them is the music.

This spring has seen the release of their album “Young Bloomer” to much critical acclaim.

Despite their use of effects and turning to big soundscapes, there is a lot of warmth and simplicity at the core of Valise‘s songs – perfect.

Hark now (and enjoy the lovely videos as well) to two songs of their new album “Young Bloomer”.