Now, I am not an expert on electronic music at all but I know what I like. So basically I can only tell you what I really love about Lisbon Kid‘s music other than impressing you with the fine-tuned vocabulary of the genre.

Then again, Lisbon Kid do not really fit into any genre, starting from calling themselves alternative acoustic electronica duo. Lisbon Kid consist of Danny de Matos and Rui da Silva who indeed hail from Portugal. They are both musicians and producers and now live in London.

As Lisbon Kid, Danny and Rui only got together over a year ago but before that both have done immense work in the music scene as producers. Hence perhaps the appeal to me in their music. They are not only at home in different dance music styles but also indiepop, alternative folk, you name it. They even produced Chloe Howl. Citing amongst many others Nick Drake as an artist they like, might give you an impression on how vast their musical range is.

Using the best of both analogue instruments and digital devices, they have created music that is astonishingly warm and soulful and relaxing and yet danceable. It features many famous singers who interpret the fine lyrics which are a notch above the usual lyrics of dance music if you want to really call it that. In Lisbon Kid’s case it would not be enough to call it just dance or chill or electronica. Enough of the trying to outline for you what exactly Lisbon Kid do: Just listen and you’ll know what I am on about.

Apart from doing wonderful remixes (I love my “Night Lights Remix”…helps me through the night), they have a debut single out: “Event Horizon” featuring Hafdis Huld – here it is:

And while we are waiting for the debut album which will be a fine, fine piece of a record, there is a sampler as a wee taster: Have a good Sunday evening! And watch out for Lisbon Kid’s live shows!