On days like these, having just returned from a close to four hours carnival’s parade with lots of singing, dancing and bending down to pick up sweets, minding that the wig and feather eyelashes don’t come off, I often wonder where other people take their energy from.

One springs to mind especially and that is musician J.P. Kallio originally from Finland who lives in Dublin, Ireland. He has his roots in punk music (did I read that right?), picked up Irish traditional music like a breeze and is a singer-songwriter. So he plays sessions with Sliotar in Dublin’s Porterhouse (if you ever land in Dublin, you should go and see Sliotar – I know that I will) and pens his own songs.

Yes, he is one of those who undertook the almighty task to churn out a song per week and he continues to do so. But it is not just sheer quantity. There are profound lyrics, his unique way of guitar playing and a great voice, too.

And then, he blogs. Every day, unfailingly. About all the important stuff musicians should know. There are valuable tips on his website a plenty.

How on earth does he do it? Can his only secret be the love of music and coffee? Is it the air in Dublin?

Find out about J.P. Kallio yourself, you just need to see his website: www.jpkalliomusic.com and listen to one his songs here: