The indie gran (yep, me) is in a right narky mood today. Ah, the old times were so much better. When we still had to go to an actual record store (preferably 8 km away on a bike in the freezing cold) and rifle through the records and communicate (indeed) with people in the store on what kind of music they buy. None of that “other customers who bought also bought…” nonsense. We talked. And oh dear, if you missed the name of the band or the title on the radio, tough, no online playlists, no, heaven forbid, Shazam. You just had to listen more intently the next time. And at the end of  the day, you did not have sheer quantity in songs but quality. You had accumulated knowledge about the songs (through e.g. record sleeves). Natter, natter…I know…

Times are not all bad, surely. I just wish, we could have the best of both worlds. Nowadays, we can crowdfund, artists are not that dependent on labels anymore and you come across bands like CAIRO. Yes, I will come to CAIRO right now:

CAIRO are Nate Daniel, Dante Berardi, Caitlin Grieve (on violin no less) and Matt Sullivan (a real drummer with the precision of a drum machine) and they come from Toronto, Canada. Their diverse influences bind together in love, so they say and claim that they get along so well as a band.

True enough, their music sounds coherent and multi-layered. But you know that when I blog, I must be really convinced…and I am. Their album “A history of reasons” has been released in January on MapleMusicRecordings and I may warmly recommend it for their (not my idea) orchestral alt-pop.

I have their older EP “Young love” and my favourite song of it is at present “Golden cup“. Ah, the development that song takes is sheer amazement. Loving it.

Now, I feel so much better now.

Find CAIRO in all the usual places and on their website: