As I was saying yesterday (in case you did not read or do not remember, tsk tsk :-)): Pick one genre of music and one city, and you will not find two bands the same. And that is a good thing, because you will not be able to rely on comparisons, you’ll have to go out and listen to music, see artists.

Today, I would like to present you with a darker side of folk – taadaa: Wyldeck. They are Cece Wyldeck (vocals and guitar), Dom Cheung (lead guitar), Jacob Hollebon (Bass) & Dave Churchyard (Drums). They do not give away much about themselves. All I know is that they formed in 2012 and have released their EP “Wolves”.

Their music shows influences of haunting Americana, crystal-voiced folk and a lot of indie. I find it an intriguing mixture.

Have a look at their website:

And now for the music:

I’d like to point you at three songs of Wyldeck. Title track “Wolves”, the beautiful languid “The Big Blue”and the wilder “On Your Knees”

Hope you enjoyed that, I certainly did!