So, we had the world music, pop-oriented side of folk with Nou Enle (see part 1) with some indie thrown in for good measure and the dark, wild side of folk from Wyldeck (see part 2).

Here come Apples I’m home and what a great name that is. I still wonder, has it something to do with a certain famous, now uncoupled couple, residing in London, greeting their daughter on return to home? Fill me in! (Ah, tutting noise in the background…could it be a song title by Adam Green, too? :-))

Apples I’m home have released two EPs so far: 2012’s “Last week” and in 2014 “From the road” and I do like the dreamy cover art for a start.

If that kind of thing helps you: They were recently described as “The Mamas & The Papas meets Mumford & Sons”. Apples I’m home moved from Scotland’s Ayr to big Glasgow, then to rural Gloucestershire and now live and work in London. You do wonder, if living in London is beneficial to a folk band. But it is not all haystacks and barn dances. After all, in this blog already, I am introducing four folk bands from London. Obviously, there is a very lively folk scene in the capital. You will have a good chance to see Apples I’m home live somewhere in London, too.

In 2007, Abbie Sanderson (vocals, pianos, percussion) and Andy Thomas (vocals, guitars, percussion, banjo, mandolin) started the band. They were joined later by Jason Hakin (guitars, mandolin, banjo, vocals) and Anna Golebiowski (violin, vocals).

You can find them on Facebook mostly but also on Twitter, Reverbnation, Soundcloud, you name it.

Hold on, bear with me…here’s some music:

The upbeat, violin starring “From The Road”

My favourite is the tranquil “No more”

And this is not the end of the series yet, I will add another part because, well, for a good reason!