Sorry to have been so quiet lately…been on hols which were fabulous but induced a lot of knee pain which is finally being looked into this week. But enough of that – music was there as usual to lend an ear, to console and to uplift. Of course I will share the music with you.

You know this idea that some people breach to you, that you should actually buy books online. Apart from wanting to support my local book shop however, an online book thingie does not really lend itself to browsing. I know, they try and give you recommendations but honestly, did this ever work for you?

If, on the other hand, an artist recommends other artists and I happen to like that artist’s work a lot, that recommendation is worth gold. (Thank you eternally, Jazzbutcher, for recommending Flann O’Brien and P.G. Wodehouse in my youth to me).

So, not only has Heather Woods Broderick a fine album out herself (“Glider” – ah, go on, you know you want it!), she also made her love of Brigid Power-Ryce‘s work public (Brigid Power-Ryce worked together with Heather’s brother Peter Broderick amongst many others – if you search online you can also find a great little blog of Brigid’s on that tour). And here goes:

Brigid Power-Ryce paints and draws (note her funny and cute cartoon like drawings of animals and her dreamy, intricate paintings that also come with her albums). Brigid Power-Ryce sings and plays guitar and piano. With a name like that, yes, she hails from Ireland (Galway, to be precise) but feels at home all over the world.

If you generally take the amazing musical heritage of Galway on the Irish West Coast which always has the feel of the wide and wild  and eternal Atlantic to it and add a beautiful voice that is not ashamed to just be that voice and to let that voice sing high and confidently and optimistically but lyrically probing and questioning and searching herself and others and relationships. Actually she puts her whole self into her voice, unblinking, letting it rip and it totally captivates. Don’t get me wrong, this is not traditional music, neither is it pure singing-songwriting, Brigid’s music has matured to something truly her own over various releases which you can find on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. Her latest offering is the album “I Told You The Truth” recorded in a church for total immersion in her music.

Come in:

Here is another one for your delectation (and mine: Brigid, thank you so much!)