Possibly Swedish musicians create during the long dark days of winter. If so, their music, I would suppose, up to 80 per cent, sounds surprisingly light. But the dark is hidden somewhere, I keep looking for it while I am trying to not loose track of all the new artists hailing from Sweden.

Dear readers, we should certainly keep a close eye and ear on TOBBAS. TOBBAS just released an EP called Lesson 8 and a new music video for the song “Spider Spider”. I will keep the goodies until the end of this post (I know, baaaad me).

TOBBAS has been playing guitar and doing singing and songwriting since he was a teen. He got his live experience in several bands. However, he started studying engineering, maybe mistrusting the fickle world of music, but naturally could not be without and dedicated himself to music full-time again. He gave being in a band another chance – sadly though, that band split up.


Then TOBBAS really went for it: He went solo. The result is his EP Lesson 8.

This EP clearly marks him as being able to write a lush pop song, but the guitar riffs and his singing style in the end of the songs always give away the rock band member. The singing style is not unlike Muse and in the voice I find a bit of Marc Almond even. It adds a lightness to the songs that is certainly covering up the darkness lurking in the lyrics, as they say.

The EP contains the following tracks:

Cramps of Emotion which is BIG  – orchestral arrangements and some real hard rock riffs there.

Last Adventure boasts a driving beat, lovely piano tinkling, harmonies, and again some fine unashamed rock guitar and singing.

Lesson 8 , the title track I really like: Starting out darkish and quiet, a bit menacing, rhythmic and then erupting into a rocker.

Make-up has some electronic influences at the start. and then we have

Spider Spider which is a well-executed song with lots to discover as it should be.

All in all, a self-assured creation and execution of an EP. And there is bound to be more where that came from. Looking forward to it.

Yes, I will share:

Here is the freshly-released video for the new single Spider Spider by TOBBAS. Enjoy: