Update: The schedule is up on the website of La Truite Magique!

The following acts have been added to already very varied and interesting bill:

God Damm, Het Zesde Metaal, Douglas Firs, Rob Heron & Tea Pad Orchestra, Man-O-Phone, Yellowstrap, Hidden Charms, Lili Grace and Tiny Legs Tim!

Now, I am normally not a festival goer and this has nothing to do with old age…never liked them much, unless they offer music I simply cannot resist all bundled onto one festival terrain as is the case for instance for “Down The Rabbit Hole” in Beuningen/Netherlands or they do away with all the fearsome aspects of a festival.

Now here is the sweetest of them all: La Truite Magique in Houffalize/Belgium, right in the beautiful Ardennes, easily to reach for anyone in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg and even the UK.

Picture a fairytale setting in a river valley (and that setting is still visible and enjoyable when the festival goes on). No hassle with parking, only around 1000 visitors, clean toilets (sorry, but I have to mention it, this is usually one of the horror sides of festivals) and fantastic food and beverages at reasonable prices (and I mean out of this world and really reasonable). Small campsite right in the middle of nature and and and, ah, you have to see it, truly.

The set-up is truly magical: Think little bridges and pathways, fairy lights and one tent stage and one small stage in the forest. A nice crowd and then, the music.

This year (14th, 15th and 16th of August 2015 in Houffalize) there will be an abundance of new bands, from bluegrass to folk, from psych rock to garage pop such as (announced so far):

Belle of Louisville, Champs, Herman Brock Jr., Mister & Mississippi, Tubelight, ZZZ, Afterpartees, Birds That Change Colour, Man From The South, Moaning Cities, Pauw and the name that would have me even cycle to Houffalize this year: Steve Gunn! I cannot imagine a more perfect setting for Steve Gunn. Because, note, this is not your typical miles-away-from-the-stage-staring-at-a-screen-we-would-have-better-watched-this-on-telly fare, the setting is really intimate and full of vibes.

Would love to see all of you there at La Truite Magique!