As you will notice, this blog features interviews with the well-known artists of the music scene (well-known to you, dear reader, if your musical interest lead you to this page) as, shall we say, a by-product of my radio shows. Initially this blog was meant to work the other way round though: New bands, mostly unsigned, that featured in my radio shows, were to be given more deserved exposure here. Which brings us to the wonderful (in no particular order) Vibrissae, Audiodeluxe, Prana Crafter – listen now!


Vibrissae, Audiodeluxe, Prana Crafter - listen now!

Vibrissae are – if you want to put a label on their music – a shoegaze electronic crossover trio and hail from Portland, Oregon, one of the great music cities in the U.S.

However: Vocalist Imber Lingard is originally from Australia, Emma Bell comes from Malaysia and only Aaron Bell is from the U.S. Music unites them and we listeners benefit greatly from the result.

Vibrissae (don’t look it up – I did it for you already….it means “whiskers”) released their debut album “Somewhere Away” on Italian (there’s another continent in the equation) label Vipchoyo Sound Factory.

Vibrissae’s songs convince with a beautiful, hypnotising build-up. Check it out here:


Back to Europe with the delightful Audiodeluxe from Glasgow, Scotland. Audiodeluxe have been (also successfully) creating and releasing music since the late 90s. Growing up, starting families etc. and generally lives changing, Sammy McHugh (on vocals) and Dez Bone (all other sounds) decided to go for a wider audience via media they like (aw, chucks, “blush”).

Audiodeluxe call their music melancholic indie, so they are in the right spot here on this blog. So far they have released three EPs, number three just recently. The EPs are called just that: EP1, EP2 and EP3.

Audiodeluxe master a whole variety of sounds such as shoegazey songs, electronica and indiepop as well as trip-hop and it all gels superbly. All three EPs deserve your attentive ear and will give you fabulous frameworks for every conceivable mood you’d find yourself in without ever losing the unique sound.

Find them here. For soundbites from their current EP3, here you go:

I’d also like to show this gorgeous video to their intoxicating “Treasure”:

Prana Crafter

Vibrissae, Audiodeluxe, Prana Crafter - listen now!

I have been enjoying the music of guitar and songwriting genius Will Sol from Washington, U.S. for a while now and there is no more excuse to withhold the songs from you, me lovely blog readers! Those acquainted with my radio shows will already know Prana Crafter, Will Sol’s musician’s moniker.

In Prana Crafter’s own words his music is: Mystic Psych, Psychedelic Folk, Inner Space Rock, from the Woodlands of Washington.

Yep, and that’s exactly what it is. Music to rock to, music to dream to, music to lose yourself in. Prana Crafter manages to include seemingly contradictory feelings in his music and make them harmonise and thus mirrors the different sides in every human being, in everything really. Musically that is reflected by playing folksy songs alongside real rockers, both in the psych realm.

His works include: Rupture of Planes (a gentler folk-tinged album), Opal Crown Transmission (dreamy psych-rock at its best on this EP) and his two latest works Creek Born Mind and Old Growth Fortress.

All Prana Crafter’s music is available here. I would like you to lend an ear to his latest offering “Old Growth Fortress”.