Some days I am deeply thankful for the internet…even though it many times contradicts its original purpose which to me is to save time. Gratefulness sets in when a band like Twin Oaks gets in contact with me.

Twin Oaks does sonically what an image of twin oaks conjures in me…lightness and strongness, brightness and darkness, feeling cozy and overwhelmed, all at the same time.

Lauren Brown and Aaron Domingo set out as a folk duo in Los Angeles. They have, however, expanded to create a grander atmosphere (be not mistaken: Atmosphere with capital A, but the instrumentation is still minimalistic). They joined up with multi-instrumentalist Louis Bernal and later with drummer Rhyan Riesgo.

Last year saw the release of mini-album “The Lion’s Den” which was well received and correctly so. For me it is an album that I cannot get enough of and it suits many moods and seasons.

So I am very happy to announce that Twin Oaks have a debut full album in the making from which a couple of songs are already available.

Find the Twin Oaks in all the usual places and their website: and Facebook
page: www.facebook/twinoaksmusic

Now, let the music speak and, yes, this music is eloquent!

This is the stunning “Find A Way”

And this is a new song of the forthcoming album: “Animal” – intoxicating!