All I am today is very tired but it was well worth it. Yesterday I went to see All We Are perform in Cologne, Germany. (Yeah, I know, that joke is as tired as me).

The gig experience was a short (the support group had cancelled) but very impressive one, as Guro (bass), Luis (guitar) and Richards (drums) create a very full sound. The energy flowed from the very first moment in Studio 672. And the songs (mostly from their self-titled debut album after two EPs) are beautiful, the harmonies take you higher, Guro’s voice is something else and then there’s the rhythm…I think the “psychedelic boogie” description really hits it on the spot. You cannot draw many comparisons which, I agree with them, is a good thing.

That groove is new to All We Are’s music. They had always wanted to make music people can move to but did not know how to. After all, when they started out in 2011, all three played guitars. Hard to believe that Guro is fairly new to playing bass and Richard to playing drums, then.

For those in the media who find All We Are’s album very slick…actually, it was not all in the production as the band can reproduce that sound very easily on stage and this without cheating.

As you can see, I was truly impressed and I was not the only one. They were well received in Cologne and I urge you to go out and see them play live and also enjoy their debut album.

I will give you a wee taster here of their album. Most of you will already be acquainted with ‘Keep me alive’ but there is so much more good stuff on their album (*All We Are *on Domino Records). Like that:

It has been mentioned a gazillion times that they are a truly international band, but first and foremost they regards themselves as a Liverpool band. What they praise as the virtues of Liverpool, All We Are themselves exude, too: They are a really friendly and funny bunch and it was an honour to have an interview with them!

Oh yes, I have an interview for you here. So without much further ado (and because I might do later but am in no state to do now: without typing the interview now) I will give you a link to the interview for your enjoyment.I will also play the interview on the Offbeat show next Thursday, 8-10pm, and there will be music by All We Are of course.

Find All We Are on their website or for their Facebook page, click links above.