Backmask Records, Haley Heynderickx, Dropkick & Fox Food Records

The “beast from the east” is blowing but that should be no excuse not to venture outside and enjoy the beautiful winter weather for me but alas as I was reading in my favourite armchair, my body was reclaiming lost sleep. The least I can do now is to put pen to paper (or so) and share with you some new discoveries. The following I would like to introduce to you today: Backmask Records, Haley Heynderickx, Dropkick & Fox Food Records.

Backmask Records

Backmask Records, Haley Heynderickx, Dropkick & Fox Food Records

Early this year the wonderful musicians and friends that are Dark Narrows launched their very own record label called Backmask Records in Baltimore. Of course you can obtain not only Dark Narrow’s music there including their latest album “Visitation” but two more artists have already joined the label: The wild Anarchist Drum Machine and Plasticstatic whose music has been creating some fine headphone moments for me lately.

Here are some appetisers for the artists on Backmask Records:

Have a browse and listen, you will also find Backmask Records on all the usual social networks.

Haley Heynderickx

Backmask Records, Haley Heynderickx, Dropkick & Fox Food Records
Photo by Alessandra Leimer

Contact point for a lot of American music (and also music closer to their native shore) are Rola Music, an agency from Austria with subsidiaries all over the world and a special connection to Portland/Oregon. Generally the discoveries are manyfold and wholesome but this new year Rola Music have been particularly busy and amongst others shared this gem: The music of Haley Heynderickx.

Haley Heynderickx will release her debut album “I need to start a garden” on 2nd of March via Mama Bird Recording Co. An album where she asks questions in search of calm in these unturbulent times, not necessarily in a religious manner mind you but not opposed either. Haley straddles multiple cultural identities and hence tends to question and introspect.

She is being celebrated as the latest hope for folk music and the story-telling is there, so is masterful guitar playing and a gift for song-writing. However, it is her voice and her style of singing that really reaches out and touches and has nothing to do with any genre. A good dose of Sharon van Etten in Haley’s music and that to me can only be a good thing. Haley Heynderickx shares and it feels like you are sitting with her in a small room singing songs that evolve on stage, that are forever a work in progress. She leaves the songs open to evolvement too. For her debut album she found the right people and the right studio to hold on to that feeling she had when writing the songs which is a hard thing to do. It sounds as if she succeeded!

I urge you to listen to the whole album as there is a multitude of emotions and moods in the songs so the one below is not necessarily exemplary.

No, sorry, I have to share my favourite Haley Heynderickx song with you too.


Backmask Records, Haley Heynderickx, Dropkick & Fox Food Records

A short but urgent note to inform you on a new album release by Scottish band Dropkick. The very band who have an uncanny knack for hooky melodies and an almost unbearable but so so good amount of melancholy in their songs. March 23rd will the see the release of “Longwave” and it will be available on Pretty Olivia Records (Spain) and as a CD via Sound Asleep Records and of course digitally on Dropkick’s bandcamp site.

Fox Food RecordsBackmask Records, Haley Heynderickx, Dropkick & Fox Food Records

I first came across Fox Food Records as the home for brilliant Dana Gavanski whose song “How Much Is Enough?” of the album “Spring Demos” was one of the highlights of last year for me. Many many times after whenever had the pleasure of hearing something really delightful and looking at the label behind it, it was, of course, Fox Food Records. GRNDMS, Fazed On A Pony – they are all there. And lately the awesome Monarch Mtn…Fox Food Records were founded in 2014 in Mirfield, UK and this is their credo: “An independent record label specialising in handmade, limited edition releases of music we love.” This is exactly what they do and I am very happy that I happen to share that taste in music and they share with all of us. Fox Food Records founder James Smith is a musician himself and releases music as Good Good Blood, his latest release being the utterly beautiful album “Everlasting Light”.

Here are some examples of the songs released by Fox Food Records:

Together Pangea and more

I will not leave you without music for the remainder of the summer – of course not. Here is part one of some posts about new releases. Featured here are Together Pangea, Katalina Kicks, Andrew Taylor and The Black Watch!

Together Pangea

Together Pangea hail from Los Angeles and will release their album “Bulls And Roosters” on August 25th (Nettwerk). The first single “Better Find Out” is already available. Riffs and surf sound – yay. William Keegan, front man of Together Pangea wrote the lyrics in the studio about the downsides of touring and feeling lost on the return home. Also, though, it is a song about urging the audience not to search for answers from entertainers. Ouch, I should hope, William means that modestly about himself. Where will we search if not in music? (And art generally).

Together Pangea and more

Have a wee listen and look here: “Better Find Out” – Together Pangea

Katalina Kicks

Katalina Kicks are based in London but come from South England, North England and, yep, Brazil.  Ian George has been there from the start and waited patiently for the right line-up which presently consists of Jase Wilkinson (drums) and Nadia Silverstone (bass). Katalina Kicks do garage rock garnished with lyrics that are not strictly political but mirror their views on the current state of the world.

Their album “Vices” has been released in May – double A-side single “Cold/I Want The World” is out today.

Together Pangea and more
Katalina Kicks by Andrew Cotterill

As a little taster: “Killer” is taken from Katalina Kicks new album “Vices”

The Black Watch

Out on Eskimo Record Label last week was The Black Watch‘ “The Gospel According To John” which I absolutely love for its musical references to brilliant 80s music by the likes of Robyn Hitchcock, The Church, Echo & the Funnymen and The Wedding Present to name but a few. You have not heard of a band that has been around for thirty years? Don’t fret! Their 15th album is full of shimmering guitars and the most wonderful lyrics. No wonder – after all, main man John Andrew Fredrick is a university lecturer for English, a writer and a painter.

Together Pangea and more

Andrew Taylor

The wonderful Dropkick from the Scottish East Coast who have been diligently releasing albums and performing live since 2001 with sparkling Americana, indie, jangly music, are well worth a listen to anyway. Now their songwriter, frontman and producer, Andrew Taylor, released his first solo album on Rock Indiana Records. It is called “From The Outside Looking In”. Ten songs full of musical and lyrical goodness are awaiting you. Like this one: