Track Artist Album Label
The Age of Cling (with Will Sergeant) Telefís a Dó Dimple Discs
The Present The Happy Somethings 72 Subjangle
Much Too Loud Roomer Skize-EP Fun In The Church/Bertus/Zebralution
Four Posters Quilty Pleasures Quilty Pleasures Surk Records
Hold Your Tongue Pixy Jones Bits n Bobs Strangetown Records
North Is Your Heart The Lounge Society Tired of Liberty Speedy Wunderground
A Furnished Field Johny Nocash Lovesongs from the North vol. 1
Waves Jody And The Jerms 7”
Obsession Librarians With Hickeys Long Overdue Big Stir
Mr. Wilson Goes To Norway The Chesterfields 7” Mr. Mellow's Music
be careful with yourself Julia Jacklin PRE PLEASURE Transgressive
Woodland Street Emma Swift Emma Swift Laughing Outlaw Records
Shining Robin Holcomb One Way or Another Westerlies Records
Cerulean Nashville Ambient Ensemble Cerulean Centripetal Force
Wallace Goes To Russia Fiver Soundtrack to A More Radiant Sphere: The Joe Wallace Mixtape You've Changed
Working Class Coinage Fiver Soundtrack to A More Radiant Sphere: The Joe Wallace Mixtape You've Changed
The Take Black Nite Crash 7” Neon Sign
Nowhere To Go PM Warson Dig Deep Repeat Légère Recordings
Poet In Residence 2nd Grade Easy Listening Double Double Whammy
Brassneck \[Locked Down and Stripped Back\] The Wedding Present V4Velindre
Love Come Back feat Freya Beer No One You Know 7”
Tea Time The Soft Hills Viva Chi Vede Black Spring Records
The Door Beneath The Eyes SUPER 8 Universal Journey
Old Chords Benjamin Adair Murphy Old Chords
The Time It Takes To Fall Ger Eaton Three By Ger Eaton Dimple Discs
Lady of the Lake Leah Callahan Short Stories
That Someone Elk City 7” Magic Door Record Label
Parasite Bibi Club Le soleil et la mer Secret City Records
This Silence / I’ve Been Low fine. Fine Subjangle