Track Artist Album Label
Station to Station Mega Bog Life, and Another Paradise of Bachelors
Stop Look Listen The New Fools 7”
Tired Victorian Tin 7” Everlasting
Magic Ivan Campo The Sound your Dreams Make Everlasting
Some Things You Keep To Yourself Charlie Nieland Divisions
Turn Back the Hands of Time Transmission 13 Guiding Light
Hope Dream Diane Marie Kloba Hope
Nice In Nice Sounds Incarcerated Unswitchable Hits Volume 1
Sunlight Bathed The Golden Glow Felt The Strange Idols Pattern And Other Stories Cherry Red
Almost Prayed The Weather Prophets 7” Creation
Wildcat Canyon Sugar Candy Mountain Impression Org Music
See How We Love Kevin Robertson Sundown's End Subjangle Records
Why Do You Look at Me So Strangely? The Spires Era Was thespires/
No More Parties 2nd Grade Wish You Were Here Tour Revisited Double Double Whammy
Late Night Drinking Charlie Clark 7” No Big Deal Music
Don't Call Me Friend Bad Athlete 7”
Holy Joe Vernons Future 7”
People, Let's Dance Public Service Broadcasting 7" Play It Again Sam
The Old Dictaphone Arun Sood Test Transmission Blackford Hill
Daphnis Holmes + Atten Ash Test Transmission Blackford Hill
Psychic Cemetery Obscura Hail Zero Dot Dash / Remote Control Records
Closing Time Mr Ben & The Bens Life Drawing Bella Union
Lovers by Surprise One Morning In August 7” FIFA Records
Like This Forever The Baines Like This Forever (The usual outlets)
My Father Took Me Everywhere Chris Connelly and Monica Queen The Birthday Poems Jnana Records
Sun in VIII Sungaze This Dream
Quartz of Rose Tan Cologne Cave Vaults on the Moon in New Mexico Labrador
The Long Water Stephen Fretwell The Long Water Speedy Wunderground
Roses are Contagious at Dawn SEND MEDICINE By Telepathy & Reputation Very Possible Records / Distrokid
Purple Gold David John Morris Monastic Love Songs Hintergrund Recordings