Artist Track Album Label
WOLF!!! Meursault Meursault iammeursault auf Bandcamp
Wicketkeeper Alarm Clock Radio 7" Umpire Records
Clare Siobhan 3/2 (Loves Me) 7" Clare Siobhan auf Bandcamp
Salim Nourallah You Are Beautiful A Nuclear Winter salimfnourallah auf Bandcamp
The Lilac Time On The Last Day Of The Last Days Of Summer Dance Till All The Stars Come Down Poetica
Mike Gale Summer Be Gone Thanks For Always Waving Mike Gale auf Bandcamp
Akira Kosemura Kiss Rudy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Schole Records
Cut Worms Let's Go Out On The Town Cut Worms Jagjaguwar
kintsugi trancing life in death kintsugimoves auf Bandcamp
The Spires Broke What Breaks Woke Up Strange The Spires auf Bandcamp
Jeremy Gluck & Paul Hazel The End Of Rock'n'Roll 7" Bamboo Radical Records
System Corporation Hilversum 7" System Corporation auf Bandcamp
The Planes Thrift Store Dark Matter Recycling Co. Safe Suburban Home/ Totally Real Records
Bas Jan At The Counter Back To The Swamp Fire Records
Teenage Fanclub Tired Of Being Alone 7" PeMa