Track Artist Album Label
Local Minor Superstar One Morning In August 7” FIFA Records
You Talk Wildly David Long & Shane O'Neill And You Can't Dream That
Totally Entranced Keeley Floating Above Everything Else Dimple Discs
Old Age Home Lament Velourias 7”
Maryland Whitney K Vivi! Maple Death Records
Other One The Radio Field feat. Phantom Handshakes 7” Less Records/ Subjangle
At The Counter Bas Jan Back To The Swamp Fire Recordings
And We Get Burned Spencer Segelov You're A Lighthouse, I'm At Sea Country Mile Records
Contemporary Jaguars Mint Mind 7” Tapete
Rootfusion Geiger von Muller Slide Sonatas II.
Owl Eyes Cosmic Neighbourhood Gatherings Heavenly
Inner Storm Akira Kosemura Rudy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Schole Records
I Have A House P.G. Six 7” Drag City
Dark Is Boa Morte The Total Space FIFA Records
Hilversum System Corporation 7”
Afternoon X Vanishing Twin Afternoon X Fire Records
Zone Black Emil Amos 7” Drag City
The Silent World Aaronson The Great Swells That Carry Us Will Pull Us Unde Dirty Carrot Records
The Boat Hania Rani 7” Gondwana Records/Indigo
Temporary Shelter From The Storm Penguin Cafe Rain Before Seven… Erased Tapes
You Don’t Know What’s Luck Til Later The Spires Woke Up Strange
Tired Of Being Alone Teenage Fanclub 7” PeMa
3/2 (Loves Me) Clare Siobhan 7”
Snapdragon Marta Del Grandi 7” Fire Recordings
(I Can't Take) Another Heartbreak Salim Nourallah A Nuclear Winter
Flying into Ann Arbor (Holding) Roxy Gordon Crazy Horse Never Died Paradise of Bachelors
A Dog's Age Jeffrey Silverstein You Become The Mountain Arrowhawk Records
Coyotes Bill Callahan YTI⅃AƎЯ Drag City