Track Artist Album Label
Moments In Time SUPER 8 7” The Beautiful Music
TV Blind Theatre Royal Portraits
Perfect Company Yaya Club I Am Not A Nightclub In Tel Aviv
Melody's Mother's Jam Spearmint This Candle Is For You Hitback Records
Forever It Goes A.R. Pinewood Moonfire Lost Map
The Sound Of My Feet On This Earth Is A Song To Your Spirit Alabaster dePlume Gold International Anthem Recording Company/ Total Refreshment Centre/ Lost Map
A Little Bit Of Love Duo Decad 7”
Wuneeskuh Nanauwe 7” Kycker
Loon Matt Espy Hawksworth Drag City
What's On Your Mind? The Blaze Velluto Collection What's on Your Mind? Duprince
Mr. Eli Dolph Chaney 7” Big Stir
Darker Roads To Stumble Luca FD Away Dimple Discs
The Lichtbob's Lassie Alasdair Roberts Grief in the Kitchen and Mirth in the Hall Drag City
Shades Of Time Sunset Stranger 7”
Walk Among The Spectres Harry Stafford and Marco Butcher 7” Black Lagoon Records
Weird Fishes William Fitzsimmons Covers Vol. II Grönland
Desert Island Disk Radiohead A Moon Shaped Pool XL Recordings
Games Without Frontiers Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel (III) Charisma
The Sensual World Kate Bush The Sensual World Columbia Records
I Am Stretched On Your Grave Sinéad O'Connor I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got Ensign
Eat Out Of Your Hand Elaine Malone 7” Pizza Pizza Records
Knees Deep Buhre Morning Sun Digital
Coridor Hyll Swn O’r Stafell Arall Jigcal Records
Sun Never Sets The Painters The Painters EEL RECORDS
This That The Spires Woke Up Strange
The Long Game CR and The Nones 7” Magic Door Label
Charlie Akira Kosemura Rudy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Schole Records
They're Closing The Marina Mike Gale Thanks For Always Waving
Meursault Meursault Meursault Common Grounds Records