Genk, a town in Belgian Limburg, near the border to the Netherlands, might live in the shadow of neighbour Hasselt sometimes a little. Hasselt is known to many music lovers as host to the huge alternative Pukkelpop Festival.

Genk was one of the centres for coal mining in Belgium…sadly the last mine was closed, so was a big branch of a car manufacturer. But Genk has loads to offer: Friendly people, a national park, a lovely city centre, interesting former mining sites, an open air museum, parks, playgrounds and on and on.

The Winterslag mine was transformed into a cultural centre – the C-Mine cultuurcentrum which offers a very arty and interactive tour through the old mine – there are workshops, courses, events in all areas of art and there is Little Waves, an intimate, smallish indoor festival in the impressive former mine building featuring quieter music by local, national and international artists.

This year Little Waves will take place on April 9th, starting at 6.30 pm CET, tickets still available but selling like hotcakes a very reasonable price.

What’s stopping you to see these artists, I ask you?


Otherworldly hiphop from Antwerp

Le Colisée

Magical music from Brussels

Milo Meskens

They call him the Jeff Buckley from Deinze/B but he is so much more than that!

Glenn Cloes

He says: Back Where My World Began!
Rarely a song title has spoken more for an album.
It’s been quite a journey but now it’s time to put my face in the light.

We are all waiting to see you Glenn!


Have seen them before at La Truite Magique Festival two years ago and they are well worth seeing again. Or for the first time! Astronaute is Myrthe Luyten’s solo project and she hails from Hasselt.

Stef Kamil Carlens

Stef’s band is Zita Swoon and he also co-founded dEUS with Tom Barman, so really excited to see him perform.

William Fitzsimmons

William Fitzsimmons has just released Charleroi: Pittsburgh Volume 2 and what better way than see him perform in a former mine building. Beautiful, beautiful music…

Damien Jurado

You have indeed read correctly. Damien Jurado is coming too and is bringing his masterpiece “Visions Of Us On The Land” with him.


Och, just look here. You know that Conor O’ Brien and his band are delivering a wonderful set on this tour. Great locality to see them again.

Marble Sounds

And here is another great band from Belgium, turning up with The Chamber Orchestra of Belgium. Marble Sounds have just released their third album Tautou and will end Little Waves 2016 in true style.

Read more about them here in this blog.