Ask For Joy, Fallon Cush and This Modern Hope all have great news and music for you this month! Without further ado:

Ask For Joy

Ask For You

Aaron Rossetto from Austin, Texas is both a multi-instrumentalist and producer. In 2005, he founded Ask For Joy. Ask for Joy is clearly influenced by such wonderful bands as The Jesus And Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine. With an assured knack for melodies, Ask For Joy release their album New Private Window this month. There can never be a guitar too many with Ask For Joy and alongside the harmonies, you’ll get intricate walls of sound. Lyricwise it gets dark: In tune with the album title New Private Window, Ask For Joy narrate dark secrets, that won’t even be shared among friends or family. Two singles have been released: Pinprick Eyes and Lovers Interred. Pinprick Eyes can be found as an appetiser for the album for free on Bandcamp. New Private Window is preceded by eight EPs on Rossetto’s very own Infinitely Recursive Records.

**Fallon Cush![Fallon Cush](**

Behind the name Fallon Cush there is Steve Smith, a musician hailing from Sydney, Australia. Fallon Cush’s music sounds so effortlessly beautiful but behind it there are three decades of musician’s experience and adding outstanding musicians to complement the songs.

In 2011 the debut Fallon Cush was released. You certainly hear Crowded House in there but also Americana, Big Star, well, all the good stuff.  2012 saw the release of a well worthy sophomore album called April.

And now there is Bee in A Bonnet, the third album by Fallon Cush, out on Lightly Toasted Records. I urge you to give it a listen if you want to share that wonderful warm and relieving and sense-heightening feeling that this music gives many, including me. Here is Fallon Cush new single from Bee In A Bonnet: Useless Friend.

**This Modern Hope** This Modern Hope’s song The Abyss struck all the chords with me: Beautifully produced, just in the right places, developing from quiet to some guitar crescendo (ah, you know how I dig this) and clearly tugging at my heartstrings. How to match this song with a video? Yes, Rob Payne, the man behind This Modern Hope, can! Man, I have been having wondering how the story goes on and a sort of abyss only appears once. Clearly, colourfully filmed monotony and is there despair or hope? Och, just watch it:-) It is lovely. Waiting for THAT album restlessly.