Whale Bones are just a two-some: Nathan Kane on vocals/guitar and Paul Lierman on drums. Not to be mixed up with Whalebones in one word, please! Whale Bones are at home in Bloomington, Indiana, U.S.A. and they make this rocking, rich, lush, warm music that only can come from the US.

Drums are being drummed, guitar is being played and lyrics and melodies are being sung and not just so but intensely  with an aptitude for a fine melodious alternative rock song. May I thank them here for letting me have a pre-listen to their new EP – dearest readers, something to look forward to in July!

In last spring Nathan and Paul spent a week in Florida to be creative. The result will be The Seaside EP to be released in July 2015. The EP explores the progression of self-regret and eventual forgiveness which is bound to be interesting.

Last week they have released a video for one of the songs of the EP, so we can all have a glimpse and a listen together: “Hiding From The Sea”