Track Artist Album Label
Seagull Republic Juju Wings 7" I KA CHING Records
The Wild are Welcome Sean O'Hagan feat Livvy O'Hagan 7" Drag City
Alleroed Perpacity Conflagration
The Turning Of Our Bones Arab Strap The Turning Of Our Bones Rock Action Records
A Kind Cruelty ft. Curse Mackey Beauty in Chaos The Storm Before The Calm 33.3 Music Collective
Eternal Return Funeral Lakes Golden Season EP
Like Driftwood Wolfhounds Electric Music A Turntable Friend Records
Stowaway The Room in the Wood We're the Martians, now A Turntable Friend Records
I'd Rather Be Dreaming Death Valley Girls Under the Spell of Joy Suicide Squeeze
Forever Folk Devils Forever EP Optic Nerve Recordings
Do The Lockdown Bossa Nova Blake Jones The Homebound Tapes Big Stir
Love Letter Josephine Foster No Harm Done Fire Recordings
Dreamland Zelma Stone Dreamland
Safe To Say R.E. Seraphin Tiny Shapes
The Eastern Side Of Walantar Waterless Hills The Great Mountain Cardinal Fuzz
It's Nice (When People Accept You for Who You Are) Glimmermen Here I Stand Greyslate Records
Over Again Mared 7" I KA CHING Records
Comfortable Silence Bryan Robinson 7"
Just Fell In Love The Golden Rail Sometimes When Candlestick Records
Sacrificial Wooden Wand Clipper Ship Three Lobed Recordings
Mardi Gras One Eleven Heavy Desire Path Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records
Magnet Moon Hans Chew Tennessee & Other Stories... Three Lobed Recordings
Spires & Rooftops Dave Heumann Peregrine Themes
The Greatest Show On Earth Lazy Flies The Greatest Show On Earth
Sleepless Estates 7" Someone Great Records
Day of the Triffids Joseph Futak Pigeon Songs Fox Food Records
Sara Sahara Dan Amor Afonydd A Drysau Cae Gwyn Records
Conil SAAL Conil (Single) Waterfall Records