Track Artist Album Label
Ynys Araul Ani Glass MIRORES Recordiau Neb
I Will Follow You (IVaD Mix) Beauty in Chaos Beauty Re-Envisioned 33.3 Music Collective
Odd One Out Yune 7” Crunchy Frog
Good Old Days Bobby Conn Recovery Tapete
Crystal Waves Easy Radical Innocence A Turntable Friend Records
A Fitting End Lanterns on the Lake Spook the Herd Bella Union
I'm The Fool Captain Wilberforce When The Dust Just Won't Settle
When Did I Get So Cold? Cormac O Caoimh Swim Crawl Walk Run
Bachelor Kisses Allister Thompson No Reason to Cry: Songs by Grant McLennan
Until There Was You Librarians With Hickeys Until There Was You (Big Stir Digital Single No. 61) Big Stir
Rolling Past Vistas Derrero Time Lapse Cae Gwyn Records
Eight Years Sister John Sister John Last Night From Glasgow
Tie Me To The Rails The Catenary Wires Til The Morning Tapete
Lucky Star in the A.M. Field Guides This Is Just a Place
Guards in the Garden Venus Furs 7”
Castrate The Light BEATASTIC 40 Moons Project
Up And Down Tombstones In Their Eyes Maybe Someday Somewherecold Records
Moon Islet Eyelet Fire Recordings
In Or Out Lastigband 7” Cae Gwyn Records
Disappearing Dropkick The Scenic Route Bobo Integral
Sanctuary Mornings Good Good Blood At Your Mercy Fox Food Records
Suck the Breeze Fair Mothers Separate Lives Song, by Toad Records
White Wall Lake Ruth Birds Of America Feral Child
Sideways And The Golden Egg Peter Astor And The Holy Road Paradise Tapete
Low Slung Loser Beat Hotel Beat Hotel Occultation
It's Not Over for the Heartache The Hannah Barberas Dial H for Hannah Barberas Subjangle Records
Stay Low Kendra Amalie Intuition Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records