Track Artist Album Label
Summer's Song Villagers Summer's Song Domino
Someone Out There Somewhere James Clarke Five Parlour Sounds The Beautiful Music
Arcane Constraints The Black Watch Magic Johnson
Hot in Here I Am A Rocketship Mind Grafitti my Long Wknd
Wonderland TC&I Naked Flames: Live at Swindon Arts Centre Burning Shed
Estuary Greens and Blues The Claim The New Industrial Ballads A Turntable Friend Records
Girl From Before Carla J. Easton 7”
Space Blues Astralingua Safe Passage
Feedaloodum Beetle Dot The Flaming Lips King's Mouth Bella Union / [PIAS]
Don't Follow Me Rude Audio Street Light Interference Zirkus Records
F-Talking Ummagma Compass Leonard Skully Records
Krait Kristin Hersh Crooked Fire Recordings
Looking For Me Eyes First Penelope Isles Until The Tide Creeps In Bella Union
Morning Without Clouds - Remake David Åhlén 7”
Pouring Up Mauno Really Well Tin Angel Records
(A Hit) To Your Wallet The Slow Summits Languid Belles
Triple Rainbow Dot Dash Proto Retro The Beautiful Music
Sorry About Lately Armstrong Under Blue Skies The Beautiful Music / Country Mile Records
Unfolding (Revisited) Paul Den Heyer Everything So Far A Turntable Friend Records
Swarming At The Threshold Sarah Louise Nighttime Birds And Morning Stars Thrill Jockey
I Have To Feed Larry's Hawk Tim Presley, White Fence I Have To Feed Larry's Hawk Drag City
Overheard The Leisure Society Arrivals & Departures Ego Drain Records
Stockholm Noir Jon Magnusson This Is All It Takes
If For My Eyes Alpine Subs Alpine Subs Subjangle Records
Truth in the Wild Mega Bog Dolphine Paradise of Bachelors
She Loves The Birds The Memory Fades She Loves The Birds EP
Faraway Places Dropkick Longwave