Track Artist Album Label
Gone The Alright Maybes 7”
Gardens Field Glass Kin Happy Robots Records
Corpora Mood Taeg Corpora / Konkord Happy Robots Records
West Reservoir Alice Hubble Hexentanzplatz Happy Robots Records
Butterflies in the filing cabinet Rodney Cromwell Memory Box Happy Robots Records
Don't Be Greedy (Cristina cover) Petridisch featuring Leah Callahan OCSID
What I Need Pearl Charles Magic Mirror Kanine Records
Once I Lived In London The Pearlfishers Love & Other Hopeless Things Marina Records
Look For The Light Pearl Diver 7”
On the Trail of Grace Robin Guthrie Pearldiving Soleil Après Minuit
On This Train Woodooman Y Nos Recordiau Dewin Records
The View From Here West Coast Music Club Faded Scrapbook 72rpm Records
Who Wants To Be a Billionaire Dorsal Fins Star Of The Show Dot Dash / Remote Control Records
Pluto is a planet! Yani Martinelli Sweet Silence
Sweet herbs Yani Martinelli Sweet Silence
The End Theatre Royal Beneath The Floor EP
Bad Things Happen When It's Quiet Butcher Boy You Had a Kind Face Needle Mythology
Beatified Blake The Book On Love Subjangle
How To Live 3 A.M. Again Let Me Take A Picture Subjangle
Gentlemen Go To Heaven Apollo Ghosts Pink Tiger You've Changed
D Modal The Prophet Hens The Wonderful Shapes of Back Door Keys Fishrider Records
D'Modal Mike Polizze Long Lost Solace Find Paradise of Bachelors
Don't Lie Ty Segall 7” Drag City
Don't Go Chasing Last Year's Snow Johny Nocash 7”
Samantha The New Fools Vanille
Bruised David Long & Shane O'Neill Age Of Finding Stars
Catkins Raveloe 7” Olive Grove Records
Baby's Changing Stations Affiliate Links Enough Light We Are Busy Bodies
Void Devotion Richie Setford Void Devotion