Track Artist Album Label
It Feels Alright Walcot 7” Digital Outlets
Forever It Goes A.R. Pinewood Moonfire Lost Map
NightPoetsOfBeijing David Long & Shane O'Neill Age Of Finding Stars
There Must Be A Catch Cormac O Caoimh 7”
Chellow Dean Top Andrew DR Abbott Dead In Chellow Dean Cardinal Fuzz
Requiem for John Fahey Gwenifer Raymond You Were Never Much of A Dancer Tompkins Square Records
The Even After Yaya Club I Am Not A Nightclub In Tel Aviv
Smoke Signals James Yorkston Covers of Covers
Chinese Satellite Phoebe Bridgers Punisher Dead Oceans
Wanderer Rose Elinor Dougall Stellular Vermillion
You're My Hang Glide Mike Gale Mañana Man
Weak Ends Doug Tuttle Pinecone Wild Honey Records
Holy Joe Vernons Future 7”
Lachlan's Drones Arun Sood Searching Erskine Blackford Hill
See You (as a dot in a play) Infant Finches Sci-Fi Immune Papercup Records/ Rough Trade
The Midwife Cycles Home The Light Music Company Housewives' Favourites
Miss Grief R.E. Seraphin Swingshift Safe Suburban Home
The Overgrown Garden The Toy Library Vignettes For May
Man Made Of Corruption Dominic Carlton Jones They Say-We React German Shepherd Records
Lesson Number One The Dream Syndicate Ultraviolet Battle Hymns and True Confessions Fire Recordings
Sleeping On Grassy Ground The Heavy Heavy Life And Life Only ATO
The Harder I Try Jody And The Jerms 7”
damn Ada Lea one hand on the steering wheel the other sewing a garden Saddle Creek
Princess Stony Sugarskull 7”
Can't Catch A Break Sarah Bethe Nelson Mental Picture Speakeasy Studios SF
Archie Sorcha Richardson 7” Faction Records
Metamorphosis Spygenius Jobbernowl Big Stir