Track Artist Album Label
January Amoeba Teen January Big Stir
The Darker It Gets Charlie Gabriel I’m Confessin' / The Darker It Gets Sub Pop
A Wasted Love One Morning In August 7”
The Ballad Of Loss And Self-Doubt Quiet Marauder The Gift Bubblewrap Collective
Baby Its A Wild World Allan McConnell Halfway to the Moon
Baby I Feel Like I Just Got Cut In Half Toby Goodshank Truth Jump Fall BB*ISLAND
The Good Good Subterfuge 7” Less Records
The Plan Thalia Zedek Band Perfect Vision Thrill Jockey Records
The Lost Art of Writing Letters Blake Kaleidoscope Subjangle Records
Murmurations Poppy Ackroyd Pause One Little Independent
A Murmuration Of Starlings On Blackpool Pier The Membranes What Nature Gives...Nature Takes Away Cherry Red Records
Shadow Garcia Peoples Nightcap At Wits' End Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records
Fluid Suits Lisa Akuah 7”
Godspeed It The Vapour Trails Godspeed It
Through All Eternity Shirley Collins Crowlink Domino
There is a Space In Between Lucy Gooch Rushing (EP) Fire Recordings
Spirits In The Roof Tree Constant Follower Neither Is, Nor Ever Was Shimmy Disc/Joyful Noise
I Can't Stop Thinking About You Librarians With Hickeys I Can't Stop Thinking About You (Big Stir Single No. 147.75) Big Stir
I Don't Mean To Block Your Sunlight Rosie Abbott Big Stir Singles: the Ninth Wave Big Stir
Leaf Blower The Speed of Sound Museum of Tomorrow Big Stir
Golden Sail Alpine Subs Through The Blinds Subjangle Records
Nashira Sébastien Guérive Omega Point Atypeek Music / The Orchard
Ultraviolet Snowdrops Volutes Injazero Records
Imaginary Time Yani Martinelli Astral Fox Food Records
Hang Dog Memori Yobidashi Blackford Hill Transmissions Vol. 1 - CD1 Blackford Hill
Assossam Imarhan Aboogi City Slang
Through The Wall (Excerpt) Matchess 7” Drag City
Teodora and her Mysteries Federico Albanese 7” Mercury KX