Track Artist Album Label
End of Days One Morning In August One Morning In August
Echo Everywhere Keeley Echo Everywhere Dimple Discs
Peter Out Best Intentions Forever Grows
Golden Lyre Muun Bato Paraphonic Vapor Cardinal Fuzz
Sunrise Mike Adams at His Honest Weight Oscillate Wisely (10th Anniversary Edition) Joyful Noise Recordings
Time The Jazz Butcher The Highest In The Land Tapete/ Indigo
Guardian Angel Josephine Foster Godmother Fire Recordings
Tae the Poets Chris Connelly and Monica Queen The Birthday Poems Jnana Records
Cascading éclair No Thee No Ess Dimmer Switch Album Surk Recordings
Partirai WOW Falene Maple Death Records
Memory Box (Mood Taeg Remix) Rodney Cromwell Memory Box (Remixes) Happy Robots Records
Me and a Friend West Coast Music Club Take A Deep Breath 72rpm Records
Good Start Maxwell Farrington & Le SuperHomard Once Talitres
Lonely Street Lake Ruth Crying Everyone Else's Tears Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten
Fragile & Strong Liz Metta Fragile & Strong
Totally Fine Marta Del Grandi Until We Fossilize Fire Recordings
A Blessing And A Curse Dawn-Song For Morgan Ffynnone Music
Aquarius Moon Andy Aquarius Chapel Hush Hush Records
750 Great North Star Great North Star Acid Test Recordings/Cardinal Fuzz
On the Trail of Grace Robin Guthrie Pearldiving Soleil Après Minuit
Happy Accidents All Sparks Burn Out 7”
Quarantine Blues Tombstones In Their Eyes Looking For A Light Kitten Robot Records / Somewherecold Records
Shirley From Shirley Lost Ships Nostalgia Subjangle Records
Die Dachkatze Stereo Total Ah! Quel Cinéma! Tapete
Bowling Alone Amateur Trepanning Amateur Trepanning Win Big Records
Blue Blue Marble Girl Arizona Amp And Alternator Arizona Amp And Alternator Fire Recordings