Track Artist Album Label
Polaris Damon Albarn The Nearer The Fountain, More Pure The Stream Flows Transgressive
Gleichfalls Alice Hubble Hexentanzplatz Happy Robots Records
Samfundssind Mood Taeg Anaphora Happy Robots Records
Memory Box Rodney Cromwell 7” Happy Robots Records
Beton Buhai 7” jippie! industrie
Guardian Angel Josephine Foster Godmother Fire Recordings
Run Johnno Casson aka Snippet Wonky
Lucky Star in the A.M. Field Guides This Is Just a Place
A.M. The Umbrellas The Umbrellas Slumberland Records
Frank and Mary 3 A.M. Again Come Back From The Sun Subjangle Records
AM Radio Landlady Landlady
We Don't Know Anything Captain Wilberforce When The Dust Just Won't Settle Blue Tuxedo
I've Got A Soul For The Mind Mike Gale Twin Spirit
Woman in Jeans Olivia Awbrey Dishonorable Harvest Quick Pickle
Swamp Street Soul Inca Babies Swamp Street Soul Black Lagoon Records
Beneath the Rain Mess Esque Mess Esque Drag City
Kidnapped By Neptune (Feat. Hamerkop) Bill Callahan & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy 7” Drag City
Dream of the Sun Peter Hall Light The Stars
Living on the Milky Way Allan McConnell Halfway to the Moon
Mo Collins The Stan Laurels There Is No Light Without The Dark Big Stir
Strange Destinies Chris Pellnat Crossing
Strike a Match Christopher Elliott Sorry State
Fined For Wrestling The Golden Rail 7”
Older Andrew Taylor and The Harmonizers Andrew Taylor and The Harmonizers
Insomniac Good Morning TV Small Talk Géographie
I Am A Child Britta Phillips (Luna, Dean & Britta) Cinnamon Girl - Women Artists Cover Neil Young for Charity
Polly of the Circus Mary Lattimore Collected Pieces II
Uphill March Gerycz/ Powers/ Rolin Beacon Centripetal Force