Track Artist Album Label
Noyalain (Burn) Lisa Gerrard and Jules Maxwell 7” Atlantic Curve
Well-Loved Tales VVOLVES 7”
Dreams Of A Hippy Summer Rick Hromadka Searchlight (Big Stir Digital Single No. 74) Big Stir
Café Emery Hill Spygenius Café Emery Hill (Big Stir Digital Single No. 80) Big Stir
Flowerless The Grass Stephen Lee 4 Orchestral Pieces
Come Back When There's Nothing Left Nick Hudson Come Back When There's Nothing Left
Latecomers Michael Zapruder Latecomers Howells Transmitter
Earth From a Distance Chad VanGaalen World's Most Stressed Out Gardener Sub Pop
Wondrous Wonder Half Japanese Crazy Hearts Fire Recordings
Jessie Daniel Takes A Train Last Ticket To Tango
French Pop Radio Who Shot Liberty? 7”
Paris You're In Paris Ex Norwegian Sing Jimmy Campbell Think Like A Key
All I Want Remington Super 60 Nouvelle Noveau Cafe Superstar Recordings
Fyrir Mikael Eydís Evensen Bylur SMI / XXIM Records
Aging Now Lake Ruth Crying Everyone Else's Tears Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten
Out Tonight Modesty Blaise The Modesty Blaise From Lo-Fi to Disco!
Stop Look Listen The New Fools 7”
What Is Love Kammahav 7”
Equinox The Antlers Green To Gold Transgressive
La Brea Tar Ali Horn 7” Loominance Records
Spoon Stephen Malkmus & Von Spar Can's Ege Bamyasi Domino
A Chef's Kiss Lambchop 7” City Slang
Second Day of Spring Annie Oakley Second Day Of Spring Annie Oakley Records/ Distrokid
Spring Late Runner 7” Crunchy Frog
Fool Me With Flattery Molly Burman 7” Prolific Inc.
Lights Behind The Eyes Dragon Welding 7” Dimple Discs
The Knockout Artist Cathal Coughlan Song Of Co-Aklan Dimple Discs
Perfect Fit The Lodger Cul-de-sac Of Love Pretty Olivia
Lament For The Sons Of Uisliu Mac-Talla Nan Creag Blackford Hill Transmissions Vol. 1 Blackford Hill
Another Place Akira Kosemura 88 Keys Schole Records