Artist Track Album Label
Hannah Jadagu What Is Going On? 7” Sub Pop
Who Shot Liberty? French Pop Radio 7” Rosavillemusic auf Bandcamp
Ex Norwegian Paris You’re In Paris Sing Jimmy Campbell Think Like A Key
Modesty Blaise Pink Champagne On Mars (Return Of The Uranium Girl) The Modesty Blaise From Lo-Fi To Disco!
Remington Super 60 Talk With You Nouvelle Noveau Cafe Superstar Recordings
Jake Tilson Paris 17_04_95 – Guitar, Ligne 7, Villejuif – Louis Aragon Transmissions Vol. 1 Blackford Hill
Fruit Bats The Balcony The Pet Parade Merge
Ryley Walker Shiva With Dustpan Course In Fable Husky Pants Records
Michael Zapruder Salad, Fish And Corn Latecomers Howells Transmitter
Nick Hudson Come Back When There’s Nothing Left Come Back When There’s Nothing Left EP Nickhudsonindustries auf Bandcamp
Eydis Evensen Wandering II Bylur XXIM Records
Jeffrey Silverstein Caught Behind The Hours Torii Gates Arrowhawk Records
Stephen Malkmus & Von Spar Sing Swan Song Can’s Ege Bamyasi Domino

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