Artist Track Album Label
Crumbs Dear Deirdre You're Just Jealous Skep Wax
mylittlebrother You Know Better Single
Chris Cohen Sunever Single Hardly Art
Arab Strap Haven't You Heard I'm Totally Fine With It Don't Give A Fuck Anymore Rock Action
Adam Ross I Get It Wrong Littoral Zone Fika Recordings
No Thee No Ess Downwind From Trouble Distant Country Surk Records
Nap Eyes Feline Wave Race Single Paradise Of Bachelors
Michaela Poláková Empty Space Single
The Hardy Tree The Last Nightingale In London The Fields Lie Sleeping Underneath Clay Pipe Music
Jess Locke Not Important Real Life Dot Dash / Remote Control Recordings
Stephen's Shore Under The Pine Neptune Meritorio Records
Rome 56 Give Myself Up To You Paradise Is Free Think Like A Key Records
Shackleton & Six Organs Of Admittance Stages Of Capitulation Single Drag City