Artist Track Album Label
The Folk Implosion Wide Web Music For KIDS Domino
Lewsberg Without A Doubt 7" Lewsberg auf Bandcamp
Granfalloon Travelling Song 7" granfalloonmusic auf Bandcamp
Marta Del Grandi Polar Bear Village Selva Fire Records
Teenage Tom Petties Stoner 7" Safe Suburban Home
Swansea Sound I Made A Work Of Art Twentieth Century Skep Wax
Mutual Benefit Untying A Knot 7" Transgressive/ [PIAS]
John Fahey Evening, Not Night (Pt. 2) Proofs & Refutations Drag City
Sir Richard Bishop Celerity 7" Drag City
Anna Hillburg Girl Girl Girl Tired Girls Speakeasy Studios SF
Setting Zoetropics Shone A Rainbow Light On Paradise Of Bachelors
Skyway Man The Holding On Flight Of The Long Distance Healer Mama Bird Recording Co.
Harp I Am The Seed 7" Bella Union
Mary Lattimore Horses, Glossy On The Hill Goodbye, Hotel Arkada Ghostly International