The things that Molly Pinto Madigan loves most, I share … such as roses, old ballads, faery stories and beaches, tea-drinking, music-making and novel-writing. Only, at least at the last two she is clearly much much better than me.

I do recommend you to write her fairy tales, however, this blog is about Molly Pinto Madigan’s music. Her voice, her lyrics and her music are outside this world in the truest sense.

Starting out at a very young age, she was lead singer for bluegrass band Jaded Mandolin, has been named “Artist Of The Year” at her university, won first place in the Family Folk Chorale Songwriting Contest, and was awarded a prestigious Passim Iguana Music Fund for her album, “Wildwood Bride.”

She has toured a lot and collaborated with many established artists. But you have to listen to her to truly be captured and understand how well deserved the praise is and how much I am looking forward to the years lying ahead for this young artist.

Her current album Wildwood Bride you can have an overview and “overhear” of in this clip:

Here is a taste of what Molly Pinto Madigan does live:

Find Molly Pinto Madigan in all the usual places online and hopefully in a venue near you!