I know, I know, where is my next blog? So much to do, so little time. But I gladly sit here tonight to pen something on Hudson and Troop! Of course not only because I simply cannot resist the goodies from the Melbourne music scene.

Hudson and Troop would at least suggest two people but there is mainly Travis Aulsebrook who hails from Western Australia and only came to Melbourne in 2011 to excel as singer-songwriter and straightaway releasing his EP Open Up Slowly (find it under the name “Hudson”). It is likely that you have come across even the first single “Against The Grain” as its video went viral on YouTube and Vimeo.

Perfectionist that he is, it took Travis Aulsebrook, alias Hudson and Troop, two years to complete his second EP The Undertow which presents yummily delicate folk-pop that despite its perfectionism is anything but sterile and cold. It already shows first hints of added instrumentation such as synths and horn sections.

And then came Pip Norman, producer and artist and added synths (analog) and experimentation to the folk-pop. A new single is out: “Frameless” accompanied by a video with a creature (signing the lyrics in AUSAN no less)  developed by a team of very high calibre (The Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings).

I love Hudson and Troop‘s own description of: ” We throw sonic colours at a wall, they sometimes stick”. Sonic colours – that encapsulates for me the feeling I get from their music: Touching all the senses.

You know the sad feeling when you are nearing the end of a brilliant book that of course you rushed through, could not wait to get back home to? This is Hudson and Troop’s music…but thankfully there is so much to discover, it will last a good while! And it has that distinctive charm of a lot of Australian music, that delicious sunny sadness.

Contact Hudson & Troop on Twitter @hudsonandtroop or on Facebook which will lead you to more, above all Soundcloud.

And here it comes:

First up “Against the Grain”, the very first single, with that awesome video. Don’t forget the beauty of the song behind it though!

From the second EP I would like to present “One & One”:

And here is the new single “Frameless”!