Track Artist Album Label
Radio On Tiny Magnetic Pets feat. Wolfgang Flür 7” Happy Robots Records
Is This Reality Dan Amor 7” Cae Gwyn Records
Home Early Dropkick The Scenic Route Bobo Integral
Let's Make a King Benjamin Adair Murphy Let's Make a King Watery Grave Music
Demonstration Garden The Orange Kyte Carousel Cardinal Fuzz
Seagull Republic Juju Wings 7" I KA CHING Records
Breaking Out Ghostlawns 7”
Running in the Sand Colossous 7”
If It's True Pine The Pilcrow 7”
Conditions to Thrive Perlee Slow Creature EP Greenbay Records
The Swamp Rosa Tu Drink All The Wine The Famous Gold Watch
Everyone You Meet The Clientele Music For The Age Of Miracles Tapete
Post Solstice Blues Alex Monk Grumbles, Murmurs and Rumbles
Never Been Easy The Late Pioneers The Late Pioneers Subjangle Records
Big Squeeze Best Intentions Another Day
TV Blind Theatre Royal 7” Vacilando 68 Recordings
More More More Carmel The Drum Is Everything Metronome
Don't Let Her Take My Baby Mitty Collier 7” Chess
Harpy Fair Mothers Metronome Song, by Toad Records
Things I Do Andy Shauf The Neon Skyline ANTI-
Thirty Steve Palmer Useful Histories Sunrise Ocean Bender / Deep Water Acres
She Haunts My Dreams Spain The Morning Becomes Electric Glitterhouse Records
Elk River Blues Nathan Bowles Plainly Mistaken Paradise of Bachelors
Meeting Is Over Johnny And The Yooahoos 7”
Breaking Down Tobin Sprout Empty Horses Fire Recordings
Rise Up Alexa Ariel Sharratt & Mathias Kom Never Work BB ISLAND
Star Gazing Reema Lioness Waterfall Records
You Keep Me From Blue The Golden Rail Sometimes When Candlestick Records
Watching Terns Field Guides This Is Just a Place
Fox Sparrow Mossy Kilcher Northwind Calling Tompkins Square Records