Track Artist Album Label
Wire, Water And The Rest New Apostles Antiquarian Medial Texts Sunshine Beheaded Records
Empty Tables Dark Narrows Dark Narrows
Ripeness Echo And The Bunnymen Porcupine Korova
Wider Lemonade Kid, Ortense Blue Digital Graveyard
Seconds Like Days All Sparks Burn Out Ceremonies for the Lost
BeBopALuLa SUPER 8 Head Sounds Subjangle Records
Would Be King The Eighteenth Day Of May S/T Retrospective Cardinal Fuzz
When I Hear Dylan Adam Walton 7" Whipchord Records
Ted Wedding The Hannah Barberas Into The Wild Subjangle Records
Peace Walks By My Side Schizo Fun Addict The Last Wave Flicknife Records / Fruits De Mer
Diamond Clouds The Room in the Wood We're the Martians, now A Turntable Friend Records
Having Fun Jim Basnight Not Changing Precedent
Poison Ania 7"
Ivy Ladder Lavinia Blackwall Muggington Lane End
To Call It Living The Ocelots Started To Wonder
Long Time Man Hans Chew Mojo Presents: The Good Songs - A Tribute To Nick Cave Mojo Magazine
Lucky Star in the A.M. Field Guides This Is Just a Place
Heading Out Seazoo Joy
Beta Magic Laser Background Evergreen Legend
Space Refugee Rachael Dunn 7” 72rpm Records
Is This Reality Dan Amor 7” Cae Gwyn Records
Low Slung Loser Beat Hotel Beat Hotel Occultation
The Death Of Eliot Hall (feat. Cameron Nichoson) Maxton Schulte Paradise Syndrome
Olivia's Leaving Gabriel Schicci 7” Shorewave Records
The Swamp Rosa Tu Drink All The Wine The Famous Gold Watch
Elite Companion One True Pairing Zero Vulnerability EP Domino
You're So Cool 2nd Grade Hit To Hit Double Double Whammy
Pacific Six Organs of Admittance Companion Rises Drag City
Dust Devils Sir Richard Bishop Oneiric Formulary Drag City