Track Artist Album Label
Queenie of the Desert The Lounge Bar Orchestra Pilot Episodes (digitally mastered version)
Still Alice Hubble Polarlichter Happy Robots Records
I Was Floating Deathlist You Won't Be Here for Long
Ghost Like Soul (feat. Cedric Bixler-Zavala) Jonny Polonsky 7” Ghostworks Recordings
Plants and Ghosts The Spires LOOK thespires/
Jangle Manifesto Nana Grizol South Somewhere Else Arrowhawk Records + Don Giovanni Records
Complete Control Wares Survival Mint Records
Dark Blue Throwing Muses 7” Fire Recordings
Shadowbanned Stephen Malkmus Traditional Techniques Domino
When I Struck Out On My Own Nap Eyes Snapshot of a Beginner Paradise of Bachelors/Jagjaguwar
Go Easy on October James Elkington Ever-Roving Eye Paradise of Bachelors
Everything That Bleeds Dana Gavanski Yesterday Is Gone (Album) Full Time Hobby
Giovanna Please Gary Olson 7” Tapete
Go For a Ride Trip Wire Katie Says (Big Stir Digital Single No. 68) Big Stir
Welcome, Spiders Paula Carino Door (Big Stir Digital Single No. 66) Big Stir
Disraeli Woman Alex Izenberg Disraeli Woman / I Don’t Want You To Hurt Anymore Domino
Spaces Modern Studies The Weight Of The Sun Fire Recordings
Respond To Love Girlatones Horn If You're Honky Meritorio Records
Heavy Heart James Righton The Performer DEEWEE
Big Bang Jim Basnight Not Changing Precedent
Vie Vie Vie Vie Vie Christopher Pellnat Rain Houdini Mansion Records
Hearts and Gardens Kyle Forester Hearts in Gardens
In This World Alone Doug Tuttle Dream Road Burger Records
Horsebreaker Star Allister Thompson No Reason to Cry: Songs by Grant McLennan
The Biscuit (Who Grabbed My Face) Dolph Chaney Rebuilding Permit Big Stir
It could be true Me in the forest Finding gold
Crystal Waves Easy Radical Innocence A Turntable Friend Records
Straight Time Derrero Time Lapse Cae Gwyn Records
Ama Henry & Fleetwood Archipelago Vol. 6 Olive Grove Records
Imaginary Time Yani Martinelli Astral Fox Food Records