Track Artist Album Label
Good Mood Jim Noir A.M Jazz
Undone Fair Mothers 7" Song, by Toad Records
The Shearing's Not for You Yorkston/Thorne/Khan 7" Domino
Feeling Never Goes Away Dropkick The Scenic Route Bobo Integral
Impossible Germany Wilco Sky Blue Sky Nonesuch
FTA Whitney FTA b/w Far, Far Away (Wilco Cover) Secretly Canadian
Black Moon James Elkington Uncut 2019.11 Wilcovered - Wilco Songs Covered Uncut Magazine
Yard Gnomes Max Gowan Sampler 2019
where you are (feat. josh augustin) orchid mantis Sampler 2019
Fountain Morning The Umbrella Puzzles The Umbrella Puzzles Subjangle Records
Unless The Pale Fountains Pacific Street Virgin
A Crack In The Clouds Julian Cope Saint Julian (Expanded Edition) Island
Couldn't Bear To Be Special Prefab Sprout Swoon Kitchenware Records
Here Comes The River Patrick Watson Wave Domino
No Fanfare Charles Watson No Fanfare Moshi Moshi
In Waves Slow Club One Day All Of This Won’t Matter Anymore Moshi Moshi
A Fran Escaped The Surfing Magazines The Surfing Magazines Moshi Moshi
Bamboo Diner In The Rain The Wave Pictures Bamboo Diner In The Rain Moshi Moshi
Crowds and Loud Noises treesreach Some Night You Will Hear Me Crowing
This House Precious Few Tales Tumbleweed Records
The 101 Gun Outfit Out Of Range Paradise of Bachelors
Justice Song of the Birds Austin & Elliott Cradle and Crow
The Photographs Adrian Crowley Dark Eyed Messenger Chemikal Underground
Kingfisher Bert Jansch Avocet Revisited Earth Recordings
And This Is Why Clowns Are Sad M.T Scott And This Is Why Clowns Are Sad German Shepherd Records
The Sway Joan Shelley Like The River Loves The Sea No Quarter