Track Artist Album Label
Pea Shore The Chap Digital Technology Staatsakt
Der Palast ist leer Die Sterne 7" [PIAS] Recordings
Space Suction Derrero 7" Cae Gwyn Records
Sea Of Love / Ocean Of Hate The Orange Kyte Carousel Cardinal Fuzz
Human Vibrational Frequency Orange Crate Art Astral Lullabies on the Threshold
Legends Of The Stratosphere Legends Of The Stratosphere 7" 72rpm Records
Fall West Coast Music Club Sometimes EP 72rpm Records
Down In The Dirt Tombstones In Their Eyes Maybe Someday Somewherecold Records
Pale Clouded White Cocteau Twins Lullabies To Violaine 4AD
Pre-California Bill MacKay Fountain Fire Drag City
Hanson St Part 2 (A River) Nadia Reid Preservation Basin Rock Records
Sheila Believe Me Lost Ships All of the Pieces Subjangle Records
Menomonee Alpine Subs Alpine Subs Subjangle Records
Secret Drawer Emily Yacina Remember the Silver
73 Lloyd Meadows Oxford Synthesizer Club The Beautiful Music
Oil Money Tandem Felix Rom-Com
Adam Had No Navel Alex Rex Vermillion Tin Angel Records
Lucy Alex Monk Come to your senses old devil
Rainfall, Canada Fair Mothers 7" Song, by Toad Records
Fake Calder, Pt. 2 Field Guides This Is Just a Place
Geology Dreamer Hurt Valley Glacial Pace Woodsist
Charade Las Kellies Suck This Tangerine Fire Recordings
Gigantic Pixies Death To The Pixies 4AD
Late At Night Buffalo Tom Big Red Letter Day Beggars Banquet
Dirt Trails Arbouretum Song Of The Rose Thrill Jockey Records
Tinnitus El Valerie I D A
Uplifting Monument Jochen Tiberius Koch Astoria Schole Records
Geese Islet Eyelet Fire Recordings