Track Artist Album Label
Cabride The Folk Implosion Music For KIDS Domino
3.45 The Suncharms 7” Sunday Records
Mocean Of The Ocean The Zesty Italians Mocean Of The Otion Subjangle
A Forest Of Lungs Velourias 7”
Still The Bad Guy Panic Pocket Mad Half Hour Skep Wax Records
End It Here 3 A.M. Again Cherry Street (extended edition) Subjangle
Cosmos Georgia Ruth Mai Bubblewrap Collective
Let's Go Swimming Wild Sweet Baboo Ships Moshi Moshi
Cosmic Cruiser Geiger von Muller Slide Sonatas II.
Blinded By Headlights Adam Walton Afal
Falconers Faten Kanaan Afterpoem Fire Records
The Arsonist Sonofdov Fangs Mint 400 Records
Man In Sandwich Board Robert Rotifer Holding Hands in Petropolis Gare Du Nord
Colony Collapse A.S. Fanning Mushroom Cloud K&F Records
Holiday Inn Lyndhurst 7”
The Waterford Song Brigid Mae Power Dream From The Deep Well Fire Records
March Rain Holly Blackshaw Imaginational Anthem Vol. XII: I Thought I Told You - A Yorkshire Tribute to Michael Chapman Tompkins Square Records
Everyone Can Change Shplang Thank You, Valued Customer Big Stir
Time & Air The Big Net Like Dogs Ruination Record Co.
Nothing Ever Stops (On The Astral Plane) D.C Cross Wizrad
Flying Into Ann Arbor (Holding) Roxy Gordon Crazy Horse Never Died Paradise of Bachelors
Worries Grapes of Grain Unaware
The 100-Faced Magma James Elkington Me Neither No Quarter
Simple Fires Alex Nicol Been A Long Year Vol . 1 & 2
Head Space Rebel Yell Dominic Carlton Jones 7” Head Space Records
Spilt Milk Carla Geneve Hertz Dot Dash / Remote Control Records
My Room Ty Segall Three Bells Drag City