Track Artist Album Label
Just Begun P.G. Six Murmurs & Whispers Drag City
Shifting Mit Hiss 7" Folklore
Performance Modern Nature Island of Noise Bella Union
Carousel Companion Songs Carousel Akkerbouw Records
Flock Jane Weaver Flock Fire Recordings
Enceladus Holmes + atten Ash Saturnian Blackford Hill
More Easily Makushin Move Into The Luminous Blackford Hill
Fixed For Daylight Lost Ships Atoms Collide Forever Subjangle
Golden Sail Alpine Subs Through The Blinds Subjangle Records
Ghost In Your House Wandering Summer Wandering Summer Safe Suburban Home
Thrift Store The Planes Dark Matter Recycling Co. Safe Suburban Home / Totally Real Records
Canadian Ducks Walk Home Drunk Split Screen EP Safe Suburban Home/ Hidden Bay Records
Rolling Eliza Niemi Staying Mellow Blows
Coralline Anna Mieke Theatre Nettwerk
Inverio Will Johnson No Ordinary Crown Keeled Scales
Impositions Samara Lubelski Flickers at the Station
Suffolk Moon Samuel Sharp Consequential Blackford Hill
Headache Will Cause Migraines Sky Diving Penguins Sky Diving Penguins
Bernard & Elba's Waltz Peter Broderick Piano Works Vol. 1 (Floating In Tucker's Basement) Erased Tapes
Waltz Our Broken Garden Blind Bella Union
Nourish Waltz Anton Barbeau Manbird Gare Du Nord
Hidden Waltz Akira Kosemura 88 Keys Schole Records
Creepers And Vines Soft Hearted Scientists Waltz of the Weekend Hip Replacement Records
Early Light Waltz Hans Chew Unknown Sire Divide By Zero
Oh Me Oh My The Slow Summits 7”
Zero Contact Roy Moller Songs from Be My Baby The Beautiful Music
Lazy Part Time Signals 7” Bubblewrap Collective
At The Counter Bas Jan Back To The Swamp Fire Recordings