Track Artist Album Label
Mushroom Cloud A.S. Fanning 7” K&F Records/Proper Octopus
Nowhere The Chills Scatterbrain-Storms: Outtakes Fire Records
No Tomorrow First Class & Coach Neon Hip FIFA Records
Weather Vane Emperor of Ice Cream 7” FIFA Records
The Crest of A Dream Kevin Robertson Magic Spells Abound Subjangle
That's Rock n Roll Scott Robertson Footprints in the Butter Subjangle
Posters Teenage Tom Petties 7” Safe Suburban Home
3D Country Geese 3D Country Partisan Records / [PIAS]
Orange Lights Red Telephone Hollowing Out
She's In My Head The Plus 4 7”
Her Horatio Mötherwitz 7”
My Little Buddha Cormac O Caoimh 7”
In Your Arms Johnno Casson aka Snippet Future Melancholy Pop Music
Rêveries Alexandra Stréliski Néo-Romance XXIM Records/ Sony
The Girl With No Skin Ella Ronen 7” BB*ISLAND
Pour Upon The Sky - Excerpt Natalia Beylis & Eimear Reidy She Came Through The Window To Stand By The Door Eiderdown Records/Nyahh Records
The Feast Josh Medina Drifting Toward the Absolute Eiderdown Records
Twins Cory Hanson 7” Drag City
Temporary Visionary Heavy Salad 7”
Alex Bell The Natural Lines The Natural Lines Bella Union
Hatcham Mit Hiss 7” Folklore
Twinkly Tide Samuel Sharp 7” Blackford Hill
From The Morning Shannon Lay From The Morning Sub Pop
The Silent Annie Capps How Can I Say This?
Sun Dagger Drew Gardner Flowers in Space Centripetal Force
East Elkhorn On The Whole Universe In All Directions Feeding Tube Records