Track Artist Album Label
Good Time Alex Lahey 7” Domino
You Look Right Through Me The Plus 4 7”
The Merry Dancers On TV Constant Follower Neither Is, Nor Ever Was Shimmy Disc/Joyful Noise
Light Yaya Club I Am Not A Nightclub In Tel Aviv
Venus Television Marquee Moon Elektra Records
Go Free Robert Forster The Candle And The Flame Tapete
Coda Nashville Ambient Ensemble Cerulean Centripetal Force
Chapel Andy Aquarius Chapel Hush Hush Records
Working Class Coinage Fiver Soundtrack to A More Radiant Sphere: The Joe Wallace Mixtape You've Changed
Let There Be a Moving Mosaic of This Rich Material Brian Harnetty Words and Silences Winesap Records
Closing In Johny Nocash Lovesongs from the North vol. 1
In The Garden M. Stevens & The Ghasts Birds
The Town Crier Burning Ferns The Town Crier/Nothing To Hide single Country Mile Records
Cows Come Home The Noise Who Runs These Will Be Your Gods TNWR Records
Brain On Ice Eli Winter Eli Winter Three Lobed Recordings
Let's Start Our Story Henshaw Nobody Cares, Work Harder
Another Kendall Lujan Kendall Lujan EP CD Baby
Don't Have A Cow, Man! Charlie Clark 7” It's Creation Baby
Cow (Sandy) Alex G House of Sugar Domino
Cowboy Bill Callahan Gold Record Drag City
Cowboy Ballad Jesse Tabish Cowboy Ballads Part I Play It Again Sam
Cowboy Nudes Geese 7” Partisan Records/ Play It Again Sam
Cowboys And Indians Ben Edge New Tradition Glass Modern
King Blixa Emma Tricca 7” Bella Union
Zodiac Rabbit Elijah McLaughlin Ensemble Elijah McLaughlin Ensemble II Tompkins Square Records
Kintsugi Brava Kilo, Annie Sumi Kintsugi
What For John McCabe Somehow Or Another (2017-2022 EPs and singles compilation) Subjangle
Goodnight World Lisa O'Neill All Of This Is Chance Rough Trade