Track Artist Album Label
Lawn Aldous Harding Warm Chris 4AD
Four Slice Toaster Subterfuge Dots. Less Records
Realtime Pulse Park Phonac Music Shoredive Records
Torchbearer Sonofdov Fangs Mint 400 Records
Eppie Morrie Alasdair Roberts 7” Drag City
February Complete Mountain Almanac Complete Mountain Almanac Bella Union
Always Find Me King Tuff Smalltown Stardust Sub Pop
Glimmerings GoGoPenguin 7” XXIM Records/ Sony
Tunnel Quentin Sauvé Enjoy the View Hummus Records
Horn Of Plenty Magic Tuber Stringband Tarantism Feeding Tube Records
Ring of Fire Nighttime Keeper is the Heart Ba Da Bing!
You Said Bosque Brown 7"
Teenage Hudson Summons Epona Nick Hudson Font of Human Fractures
Elvis Stephen Becker A Calm That Shifts NNA Tapes
Overdressed No Bullshit Symbol Soup 7” Sad Club Records
Tricky Love Stuff Gramercy Arms 7” Magic Door Record Label
Water Wings Chris Pellnat Go
Cinderella's Midnight Surprise Chris Elliott Chris Elliott
Fear Of Heights Other Dog 7”
Distraction Ty Segall & Emmett Kelly Live At Worship EP Drag City
Moon Sails Rachael Dadd Kaleidoscope Memphis Industries
Under Green Skies Max Bloom Pedestrian
Passé Home Max Gowan Bygones Z Tapes
Cestyll Papur Carwyn Ellis & Rio 18 Mas Légère Recordings
Más Upupayāma The Golden Pond Centripetal Force
Fires In The Rain Mock Deer Perceptions
Blind Drunk The Wave Pictures Sweetheart EP Moshi Moshi