Track Artist Album Label
Stretch Breathe Panel Lets It In FatCat Records
Laurel Haights Court The Laughing Chimes Zoo Avenue EP Slumberland Records
Part Past Part Fiction The Chills Submarine Bells Fire Records
Prancer Mr Ben & the Bens Good Day For Drying Bingo Records
I Am Your Friend Mr Ben & the Bens Good Day For Drying Bingo Records
Ears To Our Earth Prana Crafter MorphoMystic Cardinal Fuzz
Wave Of The Hand Abronia Map Of Dawn Cardinal Fuzz / Feeding Tube Records
The Emperor Of Nowhere The Grief Brothers Thirty Five Years On Woodfield Street Country Mile Records
Winter Pages Emperor Of Ice Cream 7” FIFA Records
Massive Headships of Centering Tiles Diatom Deli Time~Lapse Nature RVNG Intl.
Orpheus North Sea Navigator Peace and Plenty Blackford Hill
Ghost Singer Librarians With Hickeys 7” Big Stir
99 Shores fine. Fine Subjangle
The Garden Of The Tribe Waterless Hills The Great Mountain Cardinal Fuzz
Surface Tension Rob St John Surface Tension Blackford Hill
Sparkling World Dana Gavanski Bouncing Ball EP Full Time Hobby
Dedicated Organ Affiliate Links Enough Light
Help Rozi Plain Prize Memphis Industries
Into The Blue Bobbie Lovesong On The Wind Woodsist
Lucky Nights Mila Webb Lucky Nights Perpetual Doom
Stay Marta Del Grandi 7” Fire Records
An Upturned Crab James Yorkston, Nina Persson and The Second Hand Orchestra 7” Domino
Portrait of God King Tuff 7” Sub Pop
It's An Old Trap The Ocean Greys Caught in the Net
Scars Peter J Lake Shifting Sands of Reason EP
New Loft Trio Damian O'Neill An Crann Dimple Discs
Addition Sophie Jamieson Choosing Bella Union
Empties Sophie Jamieson Choosing Bella Union